Update July 2012

Alongside the continued fantastic efforts of PlymWin, Incineration is Wrong are still doing all it can to stop the Plymouth incinerator. A concerned resident and supporter of IIW has now made a Freedom of Information request to Plymouth City Council. After she and members of IIW visited her local councillor it is clear that the ruling democratically elected members are no able to see the full details of the contract between MVV and PCC. Of particular interest to IIW is: what are the fines if in ten years we have a council who take recycling seriously, meaning that we have a similar situation to that which is taking place in Sweden where they have run out of waste to feed them? (www.pri.org/stories/science/environment/swedes-import-trash-to-power-the-nation-10428.html) Secondly, what are the full costings of the PFI deal?
We want to deal with facts. The Plymouth Incinerator will burn recyclable waste. Plymouth presently has a pityful rate of recycling with much presently going to landfill. Once the incinerator is up and running this recyclable waste will be diverted to the incinerator. If Plymouth had higher rates of recycling (similar to other parts of Europe) and diverted all food waste (we have a local company who can do this for commercial busineses at present) an incinerator could not be warranted.

We welcome any opportunities to be spoken to or interviewed. Likewise, we can also put you in touch with the St Budeaux resident who has made the FOI request. Note, at this point PCC have confirmed receipt of the request and have said that a reply will be received within in 10 days. If they reply citing ‘commercial sensitivity’ we intend to appeal.


Launch of new Phuket incinerator misfires

PHUKET NEWS Saturday, May 26, 2012 Phuket time: 3:49 PM

Launch of new Phuket incinerator misfires

Phuket Gazette – Monday, May 21, 2012 2:35:31 PM

While the new incinerator is offline, the mounds of trash in the landfill continue to grow. Photo: Gazette file (2010)

PHUKET: The long-awaited second incinerator at the Phuket City Municipality facility in Saphan Hin failed to fire correctly during a trial burn this month, dousing the surrounding neighborhood in a foul stench.

The disconcerting odor sparked a stream of complaints from local residents and from families visiting the popular recreational park nearby.

“We had to move to solve the problem immediately,” said Tawatchai Thongmung, the Chief Administrative Officer (Palad) at Phuket City Municipality.

Operations staff immediately shut the burner down, resulting in all trash intended to arrive at the new incinerator being redirected to the growing landfill located behind the facility.

The cause of the misfire was attributed to an electrical fault.

“Not only was there the bad smell, but there was also smoke,” said Darawan Naknakorn, 26, who exercises regularly at Saphan Hin Park.

“Now things are better, but I still hope the people involved in solving the problem are able to do so quickly and prevent any further issues,” she told the Phuket Gazette.

Mr Tawatchai explained that, at the time of the misfire, Phuket was caught in a low-pressure system, which brought heavy rains for over a week.

The dense, low cloud cover at the time trapped the foul odor close to ground, exacerbating the problem for people in the area, he said.

Pressure is building for the municipality to get the new burner online, Mr Tawatchai explained.

“The old incinerator is no longer capable of running at full capacity and it has a problem with its ventilation system, so we cannot use it to dispose of all the trash,” he told the Gazette.

“We currently dispose of 500 tons of trash a day by dumping it in the landfill. We have enough space in the landfill for the trash until the new incinerator is ready for operation, which I believe will be no later than the end of May,” he said.

The new incinerator, when up and running, is expected to dispose of up to 700 tons of trash per day, allowing Phuket Municipality to burn off additional trash that is currently piling up in the landfill.

– Kritsada Mueanhawong
14:35 local time (GMT +7)

Latest Update.

With a change of council administration to Labour it is hoped by Incineration is Wrong that there can now be a change of direction. The incinerator can and must be stopped. We call upon leader Cllr Tudor Evans to take steps to block the Plymouth Incinerator. Starting from Saturday 5th May IIW will be gaining signature in the city centre for a petition calling for action not words. We also encourage everyone to give what they can to support the Plymwin legal bid to block this monstrosity. Please donate what you can at www.plymwin.org

PlymWin (Plymouth Without Incineration)

PlymWin (Plymouth Without Incineration), an offshoot of IiW (Incineration is Wrong), is a campaign group of local residents formed to fight the legal challenge where we believe Plymouth City Council has acted unlawfully regarding the planning process PlymWin has worked with DAIA to engage the services of Britain’s leading environmental campaigning law firm, Leigh Day, to represent our legal challenge to the solution chosen by SWDWP. On Monday 19th March 2012 Leigh Day, on our behalf, delivered a ‘Letter Before Claim’ to Plymouth City Council, the first stage of the Judicial Review process.

Read more and support this effort on their website www.plymwin.org


Stop the Plymouth Incinerator in 2012

Saturday 24th March 2012 10am
Protest outside the grand opening of the Life Centre Central Park.
Please bring banners, placards and lots of noise!

Tuesday 27th March 2012 7.30pm
St Budeaux Community Centre (across the road from KFC).
Annual General Meeting.
All welcome.
Hear the latest news, plan future steps forward and vote for IIW positions.
Please submit motions and nominations for the Committee, including
Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary,Minutes Secretary,Treasurer, and Publicity Officer by 16th March in writing to
PO Box 378
or by e-mail to support@iiw.org.uk

Please let your friends and family know about the above two dates.

PROTEST WORKS. Visit www.iiw.org.uk for more info.

IIW UPDATE. Jan 2012

The campaign against the Plymouth Incinerator has only just began. We are presently following in the footsteps of the successful St Dennis Campaign in gaining legal advice to stop the dangerous monstrosity from being built. For this we are going to require a legal fund. Starting with a pub quiz on Sunday 22nd January 2012 830pm at Ferry Inn, Saltash Passage- we aim to do as much as we can to build this fund. There are also plans for a regular saturday coffee morning- for which we are seeking a venue at present, if you know of one- let us know. This will enable discussion and fundraining.

IIW have now set up two committees. One for fundraising and another for our legal case. If you can assist with either- please let us know.

We will have a date for our next protest march in St Budeaux asap.

Additionally, on the day that the Life Centre is officially opened we intend to be there on mass to protest against the Death Centre aka incinerator. The truth is that St Budeaux was chosen because it is one of the poorest wards and because cllr’s did not expect to have a fight on their hands. Please join us.The official date and time is to be confirmed.

It needs to be repeated and repeated that the only winner when the 7 councillors voted to accept the incinerator on December 2011 was the profit hungry MVV. On this note we would ask people to remember at election time the names of the seven Conservative councillors who happily voted to place an incinerator a stone’s through away from people’s homes. They are: Cllr Thomas Browne of Southway, Cllr Nigel Churchill of Plymstock Dunstone, Cllr Edward Delbridge of Moor View, Cllr Wendy Foster of Plymstock Radford, Cllr John Lock of Plymton Erle, Cllr Lynda Bowyer of Egbuckland, Cllr Ken Foster of Plymstock.

Please write to The Evening Herald and remind people that we have not given up.

This is a case of David versus Goliath. The incinerator company MVV have had the money and resources to spread misinformation. Moreover, those at the council vote would have heard various claims from ‘it will be a nice landmark’ to’you wont even realise its there after a few months’ to ‘this is green technology’ and so on. We need to remember that nothing can stand in the way of thousands of people in Plymouth and further afield calling for a stop to this expensive dangerous monstrosity.

Kind regards

Incineration is Wrong.

On 22/12/11 we were saddened to lose the vote by 7 to 5 in favour of building the incinerator in Plymouth. Particularly disappointing was the spectacle of all seven conservative councillors giving the green light for the building of a giant incinerator 60 metres from housing in one of the most deprived areas in the city. These seven city councillors should be ashamed of themselves. They ignored every concern and have now voted to grant a 25 year grant minimum contract. The seven who let down our city are:

Cllr Thomas Browne of Southway
Cllr Nigel Churchill of Plymstock Dunstone
Cllr Edward Delbridge of Moor View
Cllr Wendy Foster of Plymstock Radford
Cllr John Lock of Plymton Erle
Cllr Lynda Bowyer of Egbuckland
Cllr Ken Foster of Plymstock

However, the battle is not over. Anyone who attended the council meeting would be in no doubt that the people of Plymouth are fired up and ready to go. We will not give up. The next stage is pushing for a public enquiry. We will also aim to fight our case through the courts as St Dennis did successfully this year. Please keep updated at www.iiw.org.uk or through our facebook group Stop the Incinerator in Plymouth.

The 7 deadly Sin(er)s

The 7 people that condemned Plymouth yesterday, Remember these people and the party they stand for, make sure this tory council never has the ability twist this city for short sighted gains ever again, you can make a difference at the next election, they are not fit to represent their constituents if they are not prepared to listen to the needs of the people of Plymouth.




john.lock@plymouth.gov.uk John lock (plympton erle)

lynda.bowyer@plymouth.gov.uk Lynda bowyer (eggbuckland)

tom.browne@plymouth.gov.uk Thomas browne (southway)

nigel.churchill@plymouth.gov.uk Nigel churchill (plymstock dunstone)

edward.delbridge@plymouth.gov.uk Edward delbridge (moorview)

wendy.foster@plymouth.gov.uk Wendy foster (plymstock radford)

kenneth.foster@plymouth.gov.uk Ken Foster (Plymstock radford)

Planning Meeting Demo

Thursday 22nd December is the day of the planning department meeting. The time to be there is 09.30 as the meeting starts at 10.00hrs. We plan to hold a demonstration before hand to show the feeling of the public.
This meeting is extremely important as there should be a decision made on the incinerator so we would like to see as many supporters there as possible.